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Pellets/Powder charger

1. Features
High in automatic level;
Small in volume and large in charging amount;
Easy to operate, and convenient to move.
2. Descriptions
With the vacuum airflow transferring theory the machine has a frame of stainless steel, which makes it easy to installing and uninstalling. Pulse fluff in reverse devise was set in the machine in order to increase the efficiency of dividing materials, to control automatically the transferring and feeding various kinds of powder materials. It is suitable for matching the plastic injector or extruding machine, which requests high for the height of feeding, long distance of feeding and big quantity of feeding.
3. Main Technical Parameters
Model Feeding capacity (5m, kg/h) Motor power(kw) Material injection pipe I.D (mm) Air-breathing pipe I.D (mm)
KFJ200 200 1.5 Ф38 Ф51
KFJ400 400 2.2 Ф38 Ф51
KFJ600 600 4 Ф51 Ф64
KFJ1000 1000 5.5 Ф51 Ф64