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PP/PE Film & Bags Crushing and Washing Line

Product Description

ABLE-Series PE/PP Waste Plastic Film Recycling Line


This waste plastic film recycling line is used for recycling of waste PE/PP film and sack.

Plant List & Function

• Bale Opening System — hydraulic bale cutting machine to shearing film bale into smaller pieces (optional)

• Conveying Equipment — belts, screws for transporting materials

• Metal Detection and Separation Equipment — prevents product contamination and protect processing equipment(optional)

• Shredders — size reduction of materials (optional)

• Wet Crushers or Granulators — size reduction & washing

• Pre-washing and Screening Systems — trommels for removal of contaminants (sand, grit) (optional)

• Washing and Separation Tanks — cleaning of material and density separation

• Chemical Wash Tanks — removal of greasy dirt (optional)

• Friction Washers — scrubbing of material

• High Speed Dewatering Machine — removal of moisture from products

• Hot Air Drying Systems — reduce the moisture content of the finished product

• Bagging Systems — deliver the finished products into bulk storage bags

Technical Date

Model Capacity Installed Power Chemical Washing Water Supply Manpower Area Required
A-300 300kg/hr 120kW Optional 4-5 m³/hr 1-2 23m*5m*3.5m
A-500 500kg/hr 185kW Optional 5-6 m³/hr 1-2 25m*6m*5.5m
A-1000 1000kg/hr 270kW Optional 7-8 m³/hr 4-5 40m*6m*5.5m

Processing Flow :

Machine List :


QX500Belt Conveyor

1 set


PSJ-700 Crusher

Rotating knives: 6pcs; Blade material :SKD11

Fixed knives: 6 pcs; Blade material :SKD11

Crushing with water


Feeding dimension :1020*380mm

Weight :1600kg

1 set


Screw feeder 1

1 set


Single screw scrubbing-washing machine

Main motor power: 22 kw

Discharging motor power: 0.75Kw

Blade diameter:   470mm

Made of 304 stainless steel

The screen adopt special design ,which can clean itself automatic ,

In case winded up .

1 set


Screw feeder 2

1 set


Water Floating tank

1 set


Screw feeder 3

1 set


Horizontal dewater dryer

Motor power: 45kw

Shaft speed: 2450rpm

Water come out from bottom

The screen can be cleaned automatic

Dimension: 2100mm*1720mm*2350mm

1 set


The final scraps you can get from our recycling line :

1 set