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Project Description

PP PE water pipe extrusion line

Material and application :
•under pressure pipe
– water transportation and distribution
– gas distribution system
•discharge pipe
•protection lines for electric cable
– pipes with low friction inner sheathing
– 2 and 3-outlet pipe

Product Description

•underground discharge pipeline
•discharge piping for building dumping,also sound absorbent
•distribution plants for hot sanitary water
•drainage plant
•industrial plants for corrosive product transportation
•pipes for flue

Machine Characteristics:
1. The optimum spiral structure feeding throat highly improves the output of extruder
2. Accurate temperature control system ensures materials melting performance
3. Unique screw design achieves better plasticizing and high quality products
4. Precisely designed gearbox with a high torsion guarantees stable running
5. “H” shape frame to decrease vibrating of extruder
6. Advanced PLC operation system realizes synchronization and automation
7. Adopt automatic water temperature & level control and special independent filters on both vacuum and cooling tanks
8. Offer stable haul-off unit with 2-12 caterpillars
9. Provide saw & chip-free cutting options
10. Low energy consumption, excellent performance, and easy maintenance

Model Pipe ranger
Extruder Max.output
Max.hauling speed
Extruder powder
PEG-63 Ф20-63 SJ65/33 150 12 55
PEG-110 Ф20-110 SJ65/33 180 10 75
PEG-160 Ф75-160 SJ75/33 350 8 110
PEG-250 Ф90-250 SJ75/33 350 5 110
PEG-315 Ф110-315 SJ90/33 450 3 160
PEG-450 Ф160-450 SJ90/33 450 2 160
PEG-630 Ф315-630 SJ120/33 850 1.6 280