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Project Description

PVC profile extrusion line

ABLE’s production does not only include standard machines ,but also offers complete profile extrusion lines ,tailor-made according to customer’s requirements,still assuring high performance and competitive prices.

Product Description

Application :
Profiles for the building industry
–door frame and board
–rolling shutters
Profiles for furnishing
–furniture edge bands
Technical profile for industry
2.Conical twin-screw extruder is perfect,with PVC powder or granular material.
3.Mould designed by different kinds of profile customer required.
4.supply formula guide and staple raw material purchase.

Technical data:

Model Max.wide(mm) Extruder  model Max output(kg/h) Drive motor power(kw)
TYXC108 108 SJZ51/105 100 18.5
TYXC180 180 SJZ51/105 or SJZ55/110 100/150 18.5/22
TYXC240 240 SJZ65/132 250 37
TYXC300 300 SJZ65/132 250 37
TYXC400 400 SJZ80/156 350 55
TYXC500 500 SJZ80/156 350 55
TYXC600 600 SJZ80/156 400 75