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Project Description

Volumetric Single Screw Feeder

The V-S feeder is designed to provide volumetric feeding for a wide variety of materials including pellets,granules and free flowing powders

Single screw feeder with interchangeable feed screws is mounted on painted steel base plate. All material contact parts are stainless steel. The feeder is easily disassembled for cleaning or change-over. Special design of feeding bowl is unique.

Product Description

Controller :
Motor speed regulator will be frequency inventor. Frequency invertor can be supplied by customer.

Actual feeder screws are determined based on the material characteristics. The following is estimated feeding rates for free flowing materials. For feeding rates at either end of the range, feeding testing is recommended.

Feed Model Feed rates Material Asymmetrical Hopper Symmetrical Hopper
V-S60 5-1,200 L/h Pellet, free flowing powder, etc. 40L/80L/120L/150L 10L/40L/80L/120L/180L


Type Asymmetrical Hopper Symmetrical Hopper
V1(L) H 1 ¢D1 X V2(L) H 2 ¢D 2


40 475 430 75 10 207 280
80 690 530 125 80 550 530
120 795 630 175 120 653 630
150 962 630 175 180 866 630