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Project Description

Wood-plastic mixer

Series of wood-plastic mixer unit SRL-Z is the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on the combination of wood flour inherent characteristics of development, with uniform mixing, mixing speed, accurate temperature control, a high degree of automation, easy to operate.

Product Description

1. The lid is double sealed;
2. Has self-friction and electric heating, heating;
3. Discharge mode with automatic temperature control and manual control;
4. The pulp leaves overall stainless steel, and by dynamic and static balance tests refining;
5. Electrical control the designer electrical components;
6. The mixed pot gall stainless steel plate, lid, unloading device is made of aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant;
7. The crew of the hot mix and cold mix process together complete hot mix of wood-plastic material mixer for cooling automatically into the cold, to exclude residual gas, materials to prevent caking;
8. Converter soft start control to mitigate the impact on the grid.

The main technical parameters:

Type MSRL-Z300/600 MSRL-Z500/1000
Total volume (L) 300/600 500/1000
Effective volume (L) 200/360 350/640
Motor power (kw) 40/55/11 47/67/15
Paddle speed 475/950/130 430/860/60
Water consumption (t / h) 3~8 6~8
For heating, cooling Electricity,

self friction / water


self friction / water

Mixing Time (min) 8~10 8~10
Weight (t) 3.8 4.8
Dimensions 4580×2240×2500 4600×3000×4000