Project Description


Features of Plastic Agglomerator:
The Plastic Film Agglomerator is used to granulate the thermal plastic films, PET fibers, whose thickness is less than 2 mm into small granules & pellets directly. The soft PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PS, PP, foam PS, PET fibers and other thermoplastics are suitable for it.

Product Description

Working Principle of Plastic Agglomerator/ plastic densifier machine
When the waste plastic is supplied into the chamber of such machine, it will be cut into smaller chips due to the crushing function of the rotating knife and fixed knife. During the crushing processing, the material that soaked up lots heat from the frictional movement of material being crushing and the wall of container will be going to become semi-plasticizing state. The particles will stick with each other due to the function of plasticization. Before it sticks each other completely, the cold water pre-prepared is sprayed into the material being crushed. The water will be evaporated off quickly and the surface temperature of material being crushed drop down quickly also. So the material being crushed will become small particles or granules. It is easy to recognize the particles by different size and can be colored by using of color agent being putted into the container during the crushing processing.

ItemTechnical data
Volume (L)150200300500600800
Effective volume (L)100150225375450600
Main shaft speed(r/min)10501000950750750750
Output (kg/h)100150200300400550
Motor (kw)374555 (75)90110110 (132)
Weight (kg)100012001800250027003000
Dimension (m)1.7*0.75*1.51.7*0.85*1.52*0.85*1.62.3*0.95*1.72.3*1.1*1.752.5*1.25*1.8
Rotate blade quantity222444
Fixed blade quantity668888
Pot materialStainless steel
Blade material9CrSi
Discharge methodAutomatic / Manual