Project Description

PET Bottle flakes pelletizing machine

This TSSK Series Twin / Double Screw Extruders are specially designed for PET bottles, flakes, other crushed materials, with good performance and high output, and are easy to operate and maintain.

This machine can carry out ideal viscosity of PET without complicated precrystallization dryer system.Only a bit IV will be redyced.It can imprive IV in the confition of adding some suitable additive.

Material shapes: bottle flakes, sheets, etc

Product Description

Production Process:

Use a Spiral charger to feed materials into the Extruder– materials evenly squeezed, melted and plastified in the Extruder– material strips coming out from the machine head, after filtering system (Hydraulic Screen Changer)– being cooled by Water tank– being dried by Gale dryer (strong dryer)– being trasnferred and cut in the Pelletizer– being collected by Silo– the End

echnical Parameters

Normal type:

Model TSSK-20 TSSK-30 TSSK-35 TSSK-50 TSSK-65 TSSK-75 TSSK-95
Screw diameter


21.7 30 35.6 50.5 62.4 71.2 91
Rotary speed


600 400 400/600 400/500 400/500 400/500 400/500
Main motor power


4 11 11/15 37/45 55/75 90/110 220/250
L/D 32-40 28-48 32-48 32-48 32-48 32-48 32-40
Output(kg/hr) 2-10 5-30 10-80 20-150 100-300 300-600 600-1000