Project Description

Trunking(cable duct) making machine line

PVC Cable Trunk Production Line

Product Processing Flow:
Raw material+Additive → Mixing → Granules → Conical twin screw extruder → Profile extrusion mould → Cooling molding die → Vacuum calibrating bath → Belt haul off → Cutter → Tilting stacker → Finished product inspecting and packing

Product Description

Features of PVC Cable Trunk Extrusion Line:

1. Normally PVC Cable Trunk Production Line uses SJSZ-51/105 or 65/132 Conical Twin Screw Extruder to produce double trunk or single trunk,and the specification refers to client’s requirement.
2. This extrusion line also can manufacture other customized shapes of PVC profiles.
3. If change to single screw extruder, this line can make PE, PP, ABS profile.

Technical Parameters:


Product dimension


Extruder  model output(kg/h)

Max speed


Install power


Main motor  power(KW) Length of line(m)
SJYF-180 180×60 SJSZ51/105 80-120 6 55 22 23
SJYF-240 240×120 SJSZ65/132 140-180 4 76 37 27

The Machine Unit:

Name Quantity
Automatic loader 1 set
SJZ51, SJZ65 conical twin screw extruder 1 set
Mould and calibrating 1 set
Vacuum calibrating table 1 set
Haul off machine 1 set
Printer 1 set
Synchro cutter 1 set
Tipping stacker 1 set

Other Necessary Equipment:

Name Quantity
SRL-Z type of hot/cooling mixer 1 set
crusher 1 set