Project Description

wood plastic composite granulator

production: for low foaming PVC wood characteristics, with a special the ultrashort type screw barrel screw structure, to ensure a high fill, large particles yield.
Low energy consumption: Reduce the heater power saving rate of 20% in the two sections, power saving is to increase profits.
long life: As a result of a special short screw structure, making the working life of the screw has increased considerably.

Product Description

Technical configuration:
◇ barrel screw Material: 38CrMoALA quality nitride steel, double alloy processing
◇ the ultrashort the screw structure design, to ensure that the wood flour filled higher to ensure full material mixing, good plasticization
◇ spiralinders 2 section is provided only heating, wherein the second section cooling fan
◇ high strength hardened reducer, smooth transmission, low noise

The main technical parameters :

Model and specification MSSZ97 MSSZ115 Remark
Screw Diameter(mm) 65/132 80/156 ◇ standard electrical configuration: treasure Miller inverter, a Sino-German joint venture Changzhou Huibang thermostat table, Schneider contactor, SIMO Motor Factory ordinary AC motor

The ◇ imports electrical configuration: ABB inverter, RKC temperature control table, Schneider contactor, SIMO Motor Factory inverter motor

◇ computer touch screen configurations: a 10-inch display, PLC, temperature control module, modulus module, expansion module, including configuration: Schneider contactor Japanese Omron intermediate relay

Length(mm) 1018 1180
Rotation Different to the outside Different to the outside
The main drive power(kw) 37 55
Yield (kg / h) (recipe) in accordance with the regulations 180~260 400~600
Die discharging board Four rows of holes

Outlet aperture Φ4.2

Five rows of holes

Outlet aperture Φ4.2

◇ die surface contact with the material at all hard chrome plating, anti-corrosion

◇ die material used in all the nitrided steel manufacturing, ensure diced blade surface scratch-resistant material template

◇ Adopt the mechanical manual the Promise governor diced speed

Air delivery system Breeze sent Three wind sent The wind sent set mute the sound insulation layer noise reduction system
The cooling motor power (kw) 1.5kw×2 1.5kw×3