Project Description

wood plastic door frame making machine

Using natural fiber in extruding profiles is getting popular. People try to develop new properties of the finished Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), such as PP/PE resin mixing 40-80% natural fiber or PVC mixing 40-70% natural fiber then produce different kinds of profiles.

Product Description

Based on this mass requirement, ABLEPLAS MACHINERY has developed 1. segmented twin screw extruder + special single screw extruder line, combine tooling die head and all down stream equipments for WPC profiles production has already got very good result. We create the market for our customers come from all over the world.

1.Plastic single screw extruder configuration list
Plastic single screw extruder configuration list
Unique features:
◇ discharge port 300 inlay alloy bushing barrel, screw feed section 300 spray dual alloy, durable 3 times longer than ordinary barrel screw
◇ dedicated gearbox ensure that the service life of up to 5 years or more
◇ optional the electromagnetic heating power saving system control, saving electricity, increase profits (to be ordered)

Technical configuration:
◇ machine barrel screw to adopt 38CrMoALA quality nitrided steel material, surface hardness HV800-900, the depth of 0.38-0.78, hard chrome plated, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and durable
◇ equipped with a special type of low foaming screw carefully designed to ensure that the extruded article having a stable foaming magnification
◇ barrel spout with water jacket cooling device to ensure the stability of the feed, the desired pressure to quickly create products foam
◇ equipped with special Hardened reducer, large torque, smooth transmission, low noise, long life
◇ control cabinet temperature control instrumentation, low voltage electrical components, inverter, control and stability
◇ whole mechatronics design, easy to operate, easy to maintain

The main technical parameters:

Model MSSJ-50/25 MSSJ-65/25 MSSJ-75/25 MSSJ-90/25 MSSJ-120/25
Screw diameter (mm) 50 65 75 90 120
L / D ratio 25:1 25:1 25:1 25:1 25:1
Main motor power (kw) 7.5 15 18.5 30 55
Screw speed (r / min) 0~50 0~50 0~50 0~50 0~50
Yield (kg / h) 10~30 22~55 30~80 46~115 50~200

◇ standard electrical configuration: Po Miller inverter; Sino-German joint venture Changzhou Huibang thermostat table; Schneider contactor; Hubei veteran motor manufacturers ordinary AC motor, the Xiangyang motor factory
◇ imported electrical configuration: ABB inverter; Japan RKC temperature table; Schneider contactor; Hubei veteran motor manufacturers Xiangyang Motor Factory inverter motor
◇ computer touch screen configuration: 10-inch display; PLC; temperature control module, modulus module expansion module; inverter;The Japanese Omron middle relay
XC-160 / XC-240 wood-plastic profiles molding auxiliary equipment

Technical configuration list table:

Device Name Technical parameters Name XC-160 XC-240
Vacuum forming table Tray length (L)

Material: stainless steel 3Cr17

4000 mm 5000 mm
Quality vacuum pump power and the number of 4kw×1




Cooling / vacuum number of joints 16/16 30/30
Move back and forth from the shaping table 500 mm 500 mm
The center high lift way

Landing distance

4 dedicated lifts

± 50 mm

4 dedicated lifts

± 50 mm

The tray horizontal mobile way

Lateral movement distance

Dedicated mobile guide

± 30 mm

Dedicated mobile guide

± 30 mm

Die mounting center distance of the two T-slots 360 mm 360 mm
Vortex air pump drying device 0.75 kw 0.75 kw
Tractor Effective clamping length (L) 1500 mm 1900 mm
Line speed 0~4 m/min 0~4 m/min
Way of contacting Pneumatic crank Pneumatic crank
Speed mode VVVF VVVF
Motor Power 2.2 kw 4 kw
The glue block size (mm) 160×35×25 240×45×25
Cutting machine Cutting products Dimensions (mm) 200×50 300×80
Cutting motor power 1.1 kw 1.1 kw
Saw blade diameter 305 mm 405 mm
Piling up collection rack Length × width (mm) 5000×800 5000×800
Collection methods Pneumatic flip Pneumatic flip