PP PE Hard Material Washing and Cleaning Production Line

PP/PE hard material washing and cleaning machine is widely used for waste PE/PP bottle/barrel bag and other hard plastic waste material etc. It includes crushing, washing , dewatering and drying parts. Finally product is the cleaned PE/PP Flakes. We can also provide a variety of personalized design solutions. Production capacity is from 300 kg/h to2000kg/h.


PE PP hard material recycling project field as one of the most important applications for manufacturers in terms of return on investment, It has maintained a hot trend in domestic and foreign markets. The raw materials mainly refer to various aerial molding products. Most of the materials come from urban and industrial collection sites. Due to the different use scenarios and recycling channels of raw materials, the degree of pollution also varies.

Recycled material as followings:
1.HDPE/PP Bottles and containers(milk bottles, daily chemical bottles,oil cans etc)
2.HDPE/PP barrels and boxes(chemical barrels,fruit boxes etc)
3.HDPE/PP daily hard materials(pipes,trays, casings,PET bottle caps etc)
Ableplas wil supply you the whole solution according to different customers.


Capacity (kg/h)Power (kw)Area required (m3)Labour required


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